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Pivot Media celebrates 10th anniversary with move to new location
In celebration of its 10th anniversary, Pivot Media is proud to announce its move to a new location - 70 Maple Street, Florence, MA (formerly the home of Moriarty Medical).  The new location features a state-of-the-art digital imaging workflow that will allow Pivot’s staff to better serve its customers’ photography, scanning, and fine art printing needs.  The facility includes a photography studio, color-calibrated digital workstations, a high-resolution scanner, and high-speed internet access, enabling Pivot to work with customers world wide.  The recent addition of an Epson 9900 inkjet printer expands Pivot’s fine art printing and banner printing services to include prints up to 44 inches wide on a variety of paper surfaces.  The fully renovated location also features the “Pivot Gallery,” showing the photography and digital illustration work of owner Jim Gipe.

About Pivot Media: Founded in 1999 by photographer Jim Gipe, Pivot Media is now a leader in the field of photo-digital imaging.  Pivot Media offers studio and location photography, high resolution scanning, art reproduction, retouching, restoration, and fine art printing services to individuals, companies, and institutions.  Its state-of-the-art studio and talented production staff allow Pivot Media to provide services uniquely tailored to a variety of client needs.  Pivot specializes in converting art works and older media, such as slides, negatives and prints, to a digital format.  This service is expanded by their ability to digitally restore faded and/or damaged photos.  The master digital files are saved to CD ready for printing or for sharing with friends and colleagues.

About Jim Gipe: Jim began his photography career in 1987, working as a photojournalist for several area newspapers.  He started working as a freelance photographer in the early 1990s and has been an active independent photographer ever since, celebrating over 20 years in the field.  The advent of digital photography and programs such as Adobe Photoshop in the late 1990s opened up new frontiers to Gipe, allowing him to expand upon the services he offered his clients and to explore the artistic possibilities brought about by this new digital medium.

In 1999 Jim founded Pivot Media and realized his dream of a fully integrated digital photo studio.  Pivot soon became a focal point for artists and photographers exploring emerging digital technologies.  Though the “Pivot Gallery,” a gallery space dedicated to exploring the works of artist working with digital media, Gipe was able to provide a venue for discussion of the topics of the day.  Throughout the digital decade, Pivot has played an important role in the community through out-reach and education.

Jim’s unique skill set, combining photography and digital imaging, has allowed him to stay on the cutting edge of emerging technologies.  He continues to make photographs for clients near and far and is or has been actively involved in the digital conversion of art work from five college museums as well as a number of private and personal art collections.  In the community, Gipe shares his photography skills by contributing images to community supported agriculture ventures across the Pioneer Valley.